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I had no intention of starting Simply Dog Portraits, until I had the idea of painting a small dog portrait as a Christmas gift for a friend.  I happened to have a great little 6x6 frame in my studio and so I painted this piece to fit it.  The gift was a hit, and I thought that most anyone would love to have a little painting of their dog if it was something they could afford.  That night,  I decided to start a web site marketing 6x6 paintings of dogs, that would be affordably priced.  I worked out all the details of the site, and in the morning I set to work to launch SIMPLY DOG PORTRAITS. In the beginning months of the business however, I was surprised to see how many people wanted bigger paintings, so I expanded my marketing idea to include all sizes.  The paintings you see here are only some of the portraits I have painted.  I wish I had room for all of them!
MARY BUERGIN is a nationally published artist, who has built a successful career  exhibiting and selling her landscape paintings.  She received her degree in Fine Arts from Buffalo State College and has been working as a professional artist ever since.  She exhibits in two Maine galleries, the Saltwater Artists Gallery in New Harbor and the Roux & Cyr International Fine Art gallery in Portland.  Her work has been recognized through many awards, and American Artist Magazine wrote a feature article on her work in their December '08 issue.
Please visit Mary Buergin Fine Art Originals, at to see my landscape paintings in Oils and Pastels.
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