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How can I get the best photo of my pet?

No one knows your pet better than you, so you will know when you have "the look" that says, "that's MY dog"!  Take lots of shots, keeping in mind that the better the photo, the better the likeness I will be able to achieve.

Focus on the dogs face, get in close.  A photo of a lot of background, with a tiny dog won't be as easy as one where the dog is the focus (but if that's all you have, I'll work with it.)

Make sure the lighting is good.....outdoor lighting is great.  If there is anything your dog does that is unique to him, that might be a good shot to include.

What if I am technically challenged or don't have any digital images?

I can easily do your pets portrait from standard photographs.  Simply mail them to me.  I will take very good care of them and make sure they are returned to you with your painting.

What if I want part of the photo changed?

Simple!  The only important part of the photo to me is your dog.  Backgrounds can be changed, unless you want the specific background in the photo.  Just give me the details in an Email when you submit the photo.

What if I don't like the painting when I receive it?

Although I am confident you will love this original oil, if you don't feel it is what you expected, all paintings are returnable for a full refund, minus shipping charges.

Can I get the painting unframed?

Yes, I can send the painting unframed.  All frames are standard sizes, except the 6x6 frame, which you will probably have to have custom made.  Because of the volume of the frames I order, it will probably end up costing you a bit more to do it yourself, but that is an option.  Please contact me to place an order for an unframed portrait.       

Don't see your question here?
Simply CONTACT ME and I'll get right back to you.
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